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Gluten Free in DC or Arlington


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I can't eat gluten and this has severely limited our dining out options. We go to Mandu (thank you Mandu!)or Sushi-Ko almost every weekend and I am hoping to branch out! Usually people mention places like PF Changs, but we want food many cuts above that...any places you know of that make an effort to have a few gluten free options?

Prefer downtown DC or Arlington is OK too. Would also love to hear about ethnic options such as Asian or Indian that can assure me that they get what I can't eat (soy sauce, etc.) and are tasty!

Thanks for all ideas...

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There is a big thread on Gluten Free in the dining guide, but here are some suggestions:






Happy Tart Bakery (Del Ray, a whole bakery devoted to gluten free goodness)

Cava (multiple locations)

Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel

Chef Geoff's, Lia's, etc.


Also most all the restaurants associated with Restaurant Eve (what is this group called?) accommodate it well too, although not DC or Arlington, worth a trip on a special occasion.

I have eaten gluten free at many Vietnamese restaurants (Rice Paper definitely understood), some Korean (at HoneyPig our server got it but I was careful about sauces), Mexican and Thai restaurants. I generally am just careful about what I order.

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I second all of ktmoomau's suggestions! Some places have GF menus (Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel, etc.) Bibiana is fantastic! I've eaten safely at the Oval Room for special occasions, and at Fiola, but it's important to be very specific and to ask questions.

The Ray's restaurants are generally safe. Ray's the Steaks is great (avoid the spinach). At Hellburger I get my burger of choice without a bun. Last time I checked, the fries at Hellburger were in a dedicated fryer, but not the ones at Hellburger Too. It's important to ask! I haven't been to Ray's to the Third, but Mr. Landrum and the young man who made my reservation for this weekend both assured me that the frites are cooked in their own fryer.

Blue Duck Tavern has been safe for me. I haven't been since the new chef took the helm, but they were always sweet about having the chef mark up a menu for me, but I still had to read everything carefully and ask questions.

Minh's Vietnamese restaurant in Clarendon has been safe for me.

Further afield: Choices by Shawn in Fairfax City has a seperate, gluten-free kitchen (2 kitchens total), and everything is labelled. Gluten-free food is served on red plates for safety.

Also in Fairfax City, it is possible to eat safely at Villa Mozart and Sabzi (Persian restaurant).

Take a container of Glutino crackers with you, just in case there's a dip or spread or cheese that would benefit.


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Japanese sushi restaurants can be great. I take my own little bottle of GF soy sauce, just to be sure.

Also, at Restaurant Eve, if you give 48 hours' notice, they'll serve you some very delicious house-baked GF bread.

I've also eaten safely at Layalina, in Ballston.

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Fireworks Pizza in Court House has a gluten-free crust available, and a gluten-free cookie sundae (as well as a regular cookie sundae, so ask). I think the menu may mark what items are gluten-free. Haven't eaten it as I eat gluten, but noticed it when we ate there.

Restaurant 3 in Clarendon has a gluten-free menu.

I know I've seen more and more gluten-free markings on menus in Arlington lately.

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