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Talde, Pan-Asian in Park Slope, Brooklyn - Chef Dale Talde on 7th Ave. and 11th St.

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I would like to be able to say that I ate at Talde this trip. It is just blocks from where I was staying.

But they don't take reservations for parties of 2.

On Friday night at 8:15 there was a 90 minute wait. On Saturday at 8:30 there was a 90 minute wait. Perhaps we needed to hire someone to go put our names on the waiting list an hour before we would have arrived.

It was empty when we walked past at brunch on Saturday but we were heading to Princeton to see John Guare's new play. (Which was wonderful and thought provoking and totally worth the trek on NJ Transit to Princeton...)

I can't believe that after six months of being open that this is all about seeing the Top Chef contestant. It has a solid rep amongst people who can actually get in.

Perhaps if I go back to New York next year, I'll try again. Sigh...

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My friend and I braved the wait - about an hour - and it was worth it. Several days post-meal, I keep thinking about the food.

What we ate:

  • Pretzel pork and chive dumplings (shared)
  • Kung Pao chicken wings (shared)
  • Hong Kong style noodles with short ribs, peanut and Thai chili relish (my entree)
  • Wonton noodle soup with pork wontons, pork belly, bitter greens, six minute egg (my friend's entree which I did not taste)

The wings were so good we forgot to dip them in the buttermilk ranch dressing that accompanied them. The dumplings were dumplings (I love all dumplings pretty much). My noodles were full of flavor and kick.

My friend wasn't feeling well (unrelated to the food) so we didn't stick around for dessert, sadly.

I can't wait to go back.

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