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PHXfoodnerds, a Phoenix-Based Restaurant Bulletin Board by Dominic Armato (Dmnkly)


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Dominic Armato (our own Dmnkly) has recently started PHXfoodnerds, a restaurant bulletin board similar in spirit to Chicago's LTHForum. In under two months, Dominic's board has generated over 1,000 different posts which is a fine start.

As soon as I found out about PHXfoodnerds, I wrote Dominic and asked him if he'd reconsider, explaining that I have aspirations to take donrockwell.com national, and that I would *love* for him to run a Phoenix forum on donrockwell.com, and do everything in my power to make him a superstar (Dominic, this offer stands, and it's not too late to change your mind! Come baaaaack! I want to be teammates!), but for now, PHXfoodnerds is going to begin carving out its own identity. Despite our loss, I'm happy for Dominic, and also for the great city of Phoenix, and I look forward to supporting this website in the future.

My tribute to one of your shining stars, Dominic, and my very best to you,


PS - If any donrockwell.com ex-pats want to begin their own forum in their new hometown, you've got a home and a built-in website right here. Write me and let's talk.

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