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ECO Detail, Steam and Waterless Auto Detailing at the Friendship Heights Whole Foods Garage

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This is a franchise; I am commenting only on this particular location.

To me a car is transportation. Washing a car is a waste of time and water unless it is necessary to remove road salt. Because after all, the next day, it is covered with pollen and dust and dirt again. But the inside of the car was really in need of a cleaning and a household vacuum just doesn't do the job so we took it to Ecodetail. They don't use water. Who knows what kind of earth-killing chemicals they use. They claim of the franchisor

"Through extensive research he discovered a line of plant derived, biodegradable, non-toxic cleansers that not only protect the environment but also preserve and enhance a car's finish.

Every time I read something like that, it is only a matter of time before I read that they are in fact using something that creates frankenfish and dayglow orange trees. I mean, the guy was a 22-yr-old pugilist who worked at a Shell station and he knows what does/not harm the environment? There's so much co-opting of the term green to sell stuff that it is hard to trust it anymore. So I hope it is true but wouldn't be surprised if it isn't.

So lesson one - don't send husband to do this if your husband suffers from male-pattern blindness because he won't see the spots they missed and you will have to take it back.

So the first try resulted in a gorgeous exterior and nearly spotless interior but they missed a couple of places that were just not touched. I took it back the next day. They apologized profusely, did not just the couple of spots they missed, but actually re-did almost everything. The interior is now spotless. The two owner, Dimitrios, is a truly delightful guy.

Ellen Paul

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