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Masa 14 looking for a sous chef

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I'm looking for someone with a passion for cooking, discovering new flavors and learning new techniques. I am not looking for a prima donna, know it all, full of themselves person who won't listen to constructive criticism. Must be a team player. Must believe in the fundemantals of customer service, the main caveat being that we want the customer to be happy.

So if you have a passing ability to speak spanish, can kick some ass and take names on the line, like having a generally good time will still working your ass off, you are the kind of person I wanna speak to. You must be able to prioritze responsibilities that include all the usual sous chef type stuff: inventory tracking, labor management, orders blah blah.

If any of that sounds like you, please email me at aburrell@richardsandoval.com or pm me here.

-don't call the restaurant, it'll just show that you are an amatuer. email me, I'll contact you.

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