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of Love and Regret, Brewer's Hill - a Collaboration between Jack's Bistro and Stillwater Ales

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The collaboration between Stillwater Ale's Brian Strumke and Jack Bistro's Ted Stelzenmuller is opening today right across from the Natty Boh Tower in Canton.



(M-F) Drinks 11 am-close | Kitchen 11 am-10 pm

(Sat-Sun) Drinks 5 pm-close | Kitchen 5 pm-10 pm

They have twenty taps and the current beer listcontains 13 Stillwater beers, among others.

A short blurb in the Baltimore Sun

Some pictures and a very brief write-up from what appears to be a soft opening

I've been keeping an eye on this place and am excited to see what the combination has to offer, I hope to swing by within the next couple weeks (although knowing me, it'll take at least five months)

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Well, I just went for lunch, and it was pretty good. Had a nice glass of the Stillwater table beer, and talked with the bartender who was enthusiastic. I looked at the beer cocktails which look pretty great.

Started with crispy pig ears with poached egg- good and fresh flavors. Then I had a burger which I think was mostly tenderloin that came with a beer cheese sauce and steak sauce.

For dessert, had a praline ice cream on a poached pear.

I'm looking forward to returning to try their dinner menu soon.

And I think I will just call it OLAR from now on- still think the name's corny.

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I actually love the name of this place. I went to Of Love & Regret for brunch over the weekend and while the outside looks like any corner bar in Baltimore, the inside gives of a great atmosphere with the eclectic art and woody tones. Like the poster above me, I'm looking forward to going back for their more adventurous dinner menu. For brunch, I had a nice, elevated french dip sandwich which came with steak fries. For dessert, I had a brandy & honey poached pear. Nice, smooth flavors and the crumbled toffee on top was something new to me. I tried their Stillwater As Follows, a hoppy little malt and the Stillwater Stateside Saison, a smooth, deeper and heavier almost amber malt. The place isn't like any other place I visited when I was cutting my teeth in Baltimore so I hope that it sticks.

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Checked this place out on a mini-bar tour of Canton/Upper Fells. Delicious "Debutante" Stillwater Saison for $5. Delicious smoked mussel bruschetta for $5. Rare Alvinne "Undressed" Oud Bruin/Flemish Sour for the lady, $10. Great decor, great employees. Kinda like Granville Moore's but everybody actually cares about what they're doing?

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