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Grilling Rump Roast


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I am cooking for 70 people this weekend as one of three wedding celebrations (for ourselves) this summer. This is a very casual picnic reception in my sister's backyard.

I am cooking (grilling) about 20 lbs. of beef rump roast to carve and serve w/ chimichurri or horseradish sauce on buns or plain. (Along w/ 30 lbs. of steamers, 18 lbs. of leg of lamb, and one whole smoked bbq brisket we are making into sliders, and 75 bone in chicken thighs)

We picked rump roast for its versatility as well as price.

Here is my question, since I am prepping all of the food Thursday and Friday for the Saturday picnic, what is the best way to pre-cook the rump roast and then bring it to temperature? I suppose I will be cooking half of them to med. rare and half of them to medium.

My plan was to marinate them overnight w/ rosemary, garlic salt, pepper, and olive oil rub, then grill them the next day to "sear them off." I would grill them to about 110-115 degrees internal temp. Searing then, indirect heat.

Then the following day (of the picnic) I planned on letting them come to room temp, then bringing them back up to med. rare or medium in the oven and carving after they sat for maybe 10-20 minutes.

Am I missing any steps? Any opinions on if this tactic will produce the best results? I want to pre-cook because we have 100 things to plate and prepare the morning of the picnic, so I don't want to have to spend 2 hours grilling these guys.

Thanks in advance !

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I would sear the roasts for color and flavor, and stop there. Cook to temp in the oven, rest and serve.

My concern about cooking to 115 is that you may get more doneness thank you'd like, and dryness if you precook.

Do you have a remote thermometer? You could easily multi-task with that ;) Either way, you'd have to keep on eye on the meat for temp, unless the oven can be set as low as in the 115-125 range.

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I do have a Polder probe that is on its last legs from using in the smoker, but I think it still works, haha.

That's a good idea then, if i stopped at 110 initally, I might end up at 120 once settled, which is too high. I plan on setting the oven very low to bring them up to temp.

Dry rump roast can be pretty dry.

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