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The Pie Gourmet, Owner Joe Maranda's Pies and Quiches in West Vienna


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I didn't expect anything. High-quality pie seems to be the newest kid on the block, so not much to compare it too. I did a little stroll through google and found this place in mid-town Manhattan - http://www.littlepie...om/Default.aspx - where rents are no doubt at least as high as they are in Georgetown.Their 10-inch pies go for $30, so slightly better deal because it is a little larger pie and you don't have to return the pie plate to get to that price.

Two Little Red Hens up in Yorkville (Upper East Side of Manhattan, also high-rent district) is said to be phenomenal but their online menu does not have prices. Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn - supposedly the best in NYC - the pies range from $32 - $38 for nine-inch pies.

So if NYC and G'town rents are on par, then I guess Pie Sisters is not out of line.

The Pie Gourmet in Vienna has 10 inch pies that go for $25 or so.

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