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Fancy Food Show, at the Convention Center on June 17th (10-4), 18th (10-4), and 19th (10-5)


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The following is a sample from the 8,000 emails we've received about the upcoming Fancy Food Show:

Dried Kangaroo Boogers

Hi Linda and Mary!

I hope all well! I wanted to give you some information regarding Snotland Farms Dried Kangaroo Boogers, the first-ever dried boogers from these outback marsupials. Snotland Farms Dried Kangaroo Boogers will be showcased at the Summer Fancy Food Show on June 17-19, 2012. Snotland Farms Kangaroo Boogers are the optimal, nutritious, delicious, and all-natural, on-the-go snack. They feature honey-roasted boogers and real snot dried in lemur fur imported from Tanzania.

I would like to invite you to sample this unique new snack at the Fancy Food Show at booth #3931. If you would like to further discuss the product, please feel free to contact me. Further information about Snotland Farms Dried Kangaroo Boogers is below. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a time to stop by the booth and discuss the product. Additional information, images and nutritional information are also available.

I look forward to hearing from you!


C. Dundee

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The following is a sample from the 8,000 emails we've received about the upcoming Fancy Food Show:

Don, I know it's annoying to get all of the emails, but many of the vendors last year were very generous in donating their leftover goods to DC Central Kitchen. Several of us from the board worked for DCCK last summer reclaiming the unused food. I haven't seen anything indicating that DCCK is doing something like that again this year, but I don't know that they're not either.

It is an enormous event. I think it's in DC for 2 (?) years, while the facility where they typically hold it in NYC is renovated.

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You forgot to mention that the boogers are organically grown by gluten-free kangaroos.

With due respect to the PR people handling the companies, I understand that everyone wants their product to stand out, but the sheer amount of "reaching out" is completely overwhelming.

Edited to say, if anyone is reading and is interested in constructive feedback, having a selection of different categories in which people can express interest would make the emails much more relevant. Targeted marketing.

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One or two emails here. Oh well.

You mean to say that you didn't receive an email from the "Delegation of Tunisian Olive Oil Producers" (*) about ten minutes ago?

Count your blessings, brother.

L&M have no idea just how many emails we've gotten over the past month or two because I used to delete them on my MacBook as soon as I saw them - apparently, and unbeknownst to me, these deletions propagated upwards to WebMail. For the past week or so, I've stopped, and they've gotten the full brunt of the assault.

Really, it's more funny than anything else, and I don't mind, but I now realize just how BIG this industry is. My goodness.

In fact, if anyone is interested in seeing these things, I'll be glad to cut and paste them here from this point forward - I can't imagine the PR agencies or companies would mind because their job is to get the word out, and these are largely generic emails.

(*) And in case anyone thinks I'm kidding, I'm not.

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