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Saturday B/lunch in Adams Morgan


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I've got to drop off the puppy for her first haircut at noon on Saturday and will have three hours to kill before I can pick her up. I'll be on foot, at the south end of Adams Morgan; a friend may join but maybe not. Can anyone recommend a good brunch/lunch place in the area for a very leisurely meal? No food or price preferences, just somewhere casual I can kill a couple of hours and not be jostled about or hussled out.

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Mintwood Place. The puppy would incidentally be welcome on the patio.

PERFECT. Thanks--I didn't realize they were open for Saturday lunch. (But no, puppy would not yet be welcome. At three months, she's still a bit of a monster [albeit a damn cute one]. But I expect to have her table manners established by the time the lovely autumn weather arrives!)

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