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Catering - Key Bridge Marriott vs. Hyatt Arlington


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Hi all -

I'm planning a bar mitzvah party for next spring, our first venue fell through, and we're now looking at Rosslyn sites including the Key Bridge Marriott, the Hyatt Arlington, and the Artisphere. It will be a large event, potentially over 200 (lots of extended family), though I expect more like 175-180. But you never know, since people like to visit DC, so I have to allow for the possibility that we're over 200. This rules out many venues.

We're looking at Rosslyn because the bar mitzvah will be in DC and the brunch the next day in Court House, and we expect the guests will mostly stay in Rosslyn or Court House and take the Metro touring in DC over the weekend.

Any experience with the food at Key Bridge Marriott, the Hyatt Arlington (cityhouse restaurant, I expect they would do the catering), or other hotels in Rosslyn? If we go with a hotel I know the food may not be as good as it would be if we had an outside caterer - but it could be much more convenient for the guests, and the large size of our group gives us few options (we looked at a couple places on Capitol Hill, but that's a lot of schlepping around town, as it's neither near the temple nor the hotel swhere people will stay).

I know the Marriott has a great view. Not sure about the Hyatt, since the ballroom is only on the second floor, but it is on a bit of a hill so there might be some.

Thank you!

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I ran a conference at the Key Bridge Marriott in 2001. The event staff was a little ditzy and the food was average but it certainly a great venue in terms of location and ease of travel.

I know I visited several other hotels in Virginia before we settled there and I rejected a bunch for smelling bad. Make sure they show you the sleeping rooms too if you are blocking rooms for your guests.

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Thanks, all! We are going to go with the Key Bridge Marriott (I'll look at China Garden for the dinner the night before, which is likely to also be huge). Food will be average but view will be well above average for out-of-towners especially.

I'll check the sleeping rooms, but they get a lot of good recent reviews on tripadvisor etc.

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If it's not too late, I'll put in a shameless plug for my little sister, Kathy, who is the sales manager at the Crystal City Ruth's Chris. Kathy can do a party that large, and her restaurant is on the blue and yellow lines, next to a ton of big hotels, including two Marriotts. It's a good space with an amazing view -- it's the top floor of an office building overlooking the airport and monuments. They also do banquet food well and can be significantly cheaper than most hotels. My girlfriend's sister is having her rehearsal dinner there in October (on my birthday, in fact). Kathy's contact info is:

Kathy Boone

Sales Manager

2231 Crystal Drive 11th Floor

Arlington, VA 22202

(703) 979-7275 Telephone

(703) 625-6540 Cell

(703) 979-0367 Fax


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