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Ngoc Anh is a sit-down/carry out operation that's big compared to similar operations. The menu is limited - pho, grilled meat on vermicelli, and a few other noodle soups. I don't know how the carry out pricing works at any of these joints (not sure if it's by weight, or whatever they feel like charging); I just point to what I want and they bring it over. Today I got a small braised fish (braised with pineapple chunks) - had a mackerel-like fishiness that's mostly masked by the slightly sweet and slightly spicy sauce. Since it had been sitting on the steam table - the meat was a little tough. I also got some veggies - bamboo shoots, squash, carrots, broccoli, and tofu - all were visibly overcooked. The briefly nuked the fish and veggies for me. Lastly, I ordered a bowl of pho with meat balls. The pho came with lots of cilantro and scallions - the broth had a rich herbal flavor which I enjoyed. There was one lady who spoke English. The pho was $8 and the bill was $14, so the fish and veggies were $6. I paid cash.

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