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Dinner for 8 in NOVA Tomorrow 7/7


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My friend had booked a dinner for 8 of us for tomorrow night at Sea Pearl. However, she just got a call from them that they are closing tomorrow due to exhaust issues. I know it is last minute, but can anybody recommend a place in Northern Virginia for 8 people at around 8pm? The only other (known) requirement is that it can't be seafood-exclusive. Per OpenTable, Liberty Tavern has some availability. Any other thoughts?

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Thanks for all the recommendations. My friend made a reservation at Lebanese Taverna before I had a chance to give her all of my suggestions.

I had dinner at Lebanese Taverna recently and really enjoyed a Mezza Sampler (I think you need a minimum of two people). I'm usually not a big "sampler" person, but this was good, very attractively and individually plated in 3-by-3, tic-tac-toe-like matrices, and reasonably priced, too.

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