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For some reason this place isn't listed in the restaurant section of Eden's website. The website does list cafes separately so maybe it's listed there. In anycase, the joint has tables so I tried it. I don't know if this place is vegan or vegetarian. I suspect it's vegan. I didn't see any eggs or dairy. It's a take-out and eat-in, brightly lit, hole in the wall. The take-out selection is rather limited though. I saw some egg plants, pickled vegetables, and some fake meat dishes. They also do vegetarian versions of noodle soup. I had a vegetarian bun bo hue, veggie spring rolls, and I tried the stir-fried picked vegetables with fried tofu. The noodle soup was as good as the real bun bo hue that I've tried, although none were particularly hot (as in spicy). Not much English and it appears to be cash only.

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