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Slate Wine Bar & Bistro, Glover Park - in the old Kitchen 2404 Space at 2404 Wisconsin Avenue

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We met some friends there for wine and dessert on Saturday night. We got there around 9 and almost all the tables were full. We had two reasonably priced bottles of red wine (Morgan Syrah and

Bodegas Laukote Tempranillo) which we enjoyed along with a platter of 6 cheeses for our pre-dessert and then the southern rum cake. The homemade goat cheese was a big hit. The only wrinkle was that they were out of the apple tart. The setting, food and wine were great complements to a fun evening hanging out with friends. Next time we'll need to go back and try more of the menu. We also heard that in the coming weeks they will start serving brunch. I can see Slate as being a place that you can go meet friends for a couple glasses of wine paired with approachable and easily sharable snacks. It is also a low key and more grownup alternative to the otherwise youthful and painfully preppy bar scene in Glover Park.

Full disclosure: Elizabeth Banker is our neighbor. We have been hearing about her plans for months and are thrilled to see them come so successfully to fruition. We are equally excited about our other neighbor's new venture DGS Delicatessan.

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I live around the corner of Slate and I went to visit Satruday a week ago.

First for a wine bistrot I would say that the price of ythe wine by the glass is prohibitive.

My wife got a glass of Bourgogne Blanc Bzikot for 15 dollars !!!!! three days later she get a (larger) glass at Central of exactly the same wine for 12 dollars.The pricing by the glass is really expensive and they need one or two wines really unexpensive.

There is no problem to charge 15 dollars for a hamburger if you get a fresh organic ground meat, not if you use a frozen angus burger which I ordered medium rare and I got medium well (when you use frozen burger you cannot make them MR) so I got a very pedestrian (at best) burger.

Theycharge $9 for an ordianry bowl of soup and $11 for a pear salad with 2 slices of pears and very small pieces of garnishes.

Everything is overpriced for the quality of what is served so they should lower the price or make the recipe better and more appealing (the pear and goat cheese salad was not very good with so much arugula), I was served by accident pure balsamic vinegar instead of balsamic dressing.

People are nice, friendly but they should be aware that there is competition out there and so far their value is not very good.

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Not to bump a random thread, but does anyone know what's going on here? From what I can gather from Yelp, their chef has recently departed (Mark Krieger, I believe?), and they're retooling a bit?

Mark Krieger has verified to me that he is no longer with the company due to personal reasons - it's been about five weeks now.

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