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Kids beer

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A couple decades ago on a family trip to Germany all of the kids in the family we stayed with were drinking some malted beverage that was essentially a malt "soda" (it is killing me that I can't remember the brand name right now!). My folks were against it at first since it did contain a very low level of alcohol (somewhere around 0.5-1% probably), but relented under constant whining. When in Koln ...

I still remember gathering the empties to take back for bottle return in a wooden crate. It was pretty syrupy stuff, like a very chewy dunkel or dark marzen. Looking back, it's probably exactly what I would imagine a watered down, carbonated can of malt extract used for home brewing would taste like.

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After some googling I think the German version I had was Vitamalz. The current label doesn't look familiar, but this was close to 30 years ago. Could have also been Karamalz. Either way, information is conflicting on whether these have no alcohol, or a very low 05.-1.0% content. I suppose that could have changed in the intervening decades.

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