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First went to Bánh Cuốn Thang Long to try their name dish, the #1. Bánh Cuốn consist of sheets of rice paper folded and filled with various items like pork, dried shrimp, and fried onion. The plate came with sprouts, Viet-style pork "bologna" and fried shrimp cakes, and we proceeded to grab items off it and dipping them in fish sauce with chile sauce before eating them.

I tried their banh cuon #1, which is a combo of shrimp filled, pork filled, fried onion filled, and plain rice noodle, served with some sort of fried bread (which I guess is fried shrimp cake), sprouts, and bologna-like cold cut. The fish sauce is in a big jar which you pour into a small bowl. I mixed my hot sauce in there for a sweet and spicy dip. These aren't bad but I'm still not a fan. I preferred the shrimp cakes here over the ones at Banh Cuon Saigon.

Other than banh cuon, they don't have much else. There is noodle soup with conch, noodle soup with shrimp, and a few rice dishes. I opted for the noodle soup with shrimp. The broth is a tomato based broth. Many Vietnamnese noodle soups incorporate tomatos but this is the first that has a very heavy tomato paste flavor. I wasn't a fan but that's just my personal aversion.

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