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Flood Doctor, Emergency Business and Home Repair For Over Ten Years in Ashburn (HC)

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When I got home from work last night, I found that my basement was starting to flood and had about an inch of water on the floor, soaking the carpeting and starting to creep up the baseboards.

Google pointed me in the direction of Flood Doctor. I called them around 10 PM and talked to Frank. He was extremely helpful and efficient during the call and assured me that he would have somebody out to the house around 2 AM.

I was nicely surprised when Frank himself showed up with two other guys at 11:15. They went about their business very quickly, cleaning up the water, ripping up the carpet, disposing of the ruined padding and setting out dehumidifiers and floor blowers. I was assured that they'd be back in 4 days to collect the equipment, replace the padding, lay the carpet back down and sanitize/steam clean the entire basement. We knocked out the insurance paperwork and they were out the door around midnight.

Total pros. As much as it sucks having to deal with a flooded basement, these guys took a lot of the hassle out of it. Highly recommend.


Dave Pressley

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