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Quan Quynh, Vietnamese in Eden Center - Bun Bo Hue Specialists in Eden Mall - Closed

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If you're standing in the parking lot and looking at the super market, Saigon East is to your right of the supermarket, and the so-called Eden Mall is to your left of the supermarket. They are inside the shopping center, as opposed to front the sidewalk.

Inside Eden Mall are 3 restaurants and Nhu Lan - a banh mi shop. Today I visited the only restaurant in Eden Mall that I haven't visited before - Quan Quynh. I was greeted by an English speaking young lady and credit card signs are posted on the door.

The menu consists of noodle dishes and rice dishes, but no appetizers such as spring or summer rolls. Luckily on the last page, there's something else I can order in addition to bun bo hue - the duck salad. The bun bo hue here is $9, whereas it's usually $7 elsewhere, but the duck salad is only $7 or $8, whereas I think it's about $12 elsewhere. The duck salad is chopped steamed or poached duck on a bed of shredded cabbage, served with fish sauce. This time I dumped the sauce over the duck and salad and it's tasted much more flavorful. The noodle soup was okay. After who knows how many bun bo hues, I'm not sure that any one is much better than the others or that any one is much worse. Certainly the more I eat it, the more I am getting accustomed to the spices and herbs, and the more I enjoy it.

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