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CupcakeCampDC 2012 Charity Event


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Hi Everyone!

For the third year in a row, I'm hosting CupcakeCampDC.

Basically it's a free event (with suggested donation of $5) where you can come and eat cupcakes.

First year we had it as a free for all, which didn't work so well since people were bringing tupperware containers and hoarding cupcakes or taking one bite of every cupcake and throwing them away, while others didn't get to try any!

Last year we adopted a system similar to "tasting events", where your donation gets you a certain number of tickets equal to that number of cupcakes and that seemed to work much better.

This year it is at Continental in Rosslyn, with free games! (wii, board games, darts, skeeball, shuffleboard, pool, hoops, arcade games)

It's Saturday, September 8th at 4pm and I'd love to see you there!

--> http://dc-cupcakecamp.blogspot.com/



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