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3 Stars Brewing in Takoma, DC

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I don't think there is a thread yet about this new local brewery--3 Stars Brewing in Takoma, DC.

They have a warehouse and I believe plans to open a homebrew store in NE DC. There is a write-up on the Washington Post that details their launch: Thursday at Birch & Barley/ ChurchKey, then Friday at the Big Hunt.

.. the main attraction in 3 Stars Brewing’s Takoma Park warehouse was a gleaming tank of Pandemic Porter, the kegs’ future contents. This 9.6-percent alcohol beast of a beer smells like chocolate and vanilla and tastes like coffee and bitter cacao, with a smooth mouth feel and a whiskeylike, boozy warmth. It’s also a perfect example of the pleasurable havoc that 3 Stars is about to unleash upon the District: beers with big flavors, big alcohol contents and big aspirations to stand out in the increasingly crowded D.C. beer scene.
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Congrats to Qualia Coffee too! I understand 3 stars will be using Joel's cold concentrate coffee in one of their brews. Found out through Twitter through Tim Carman's post story. (sorry if there are typos. I don't have Internet again until Friday, so am phone posting. I hate it.)

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