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Spicy Mart - Small Indian Grocery Store in Silver Spring


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Sometime you see a store sign and you have to stop. This is how I found myself in Spicy Mart Saturday afternoon. This is a quintessential mom and pop ethnic grocery store, all of two aisles, stuff stacked high and deep. They cater to mostly Indians with some African items and a mishmash of other stuff. They carry the Swad brand of Indian spices, dhal etc. (same as Patel Brothers) and have a wall of freezer cases stuffed with packaged frozen Indian food (breads, samosas, entrees etc.) as well as some meat and fish. There is a small selection of fruit and veg near the front. By the cash register is a small shelf of prepared Indian snacks, vada, samosa etc.

While not as comprehensive as Patel Brothers, this is certainly a good - and surprising - find. And you are going to find some weird ass stuff you have never seen before.

They said they were open until 9pm every night.

Spicy Mart

12715 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904

(301) 622-6676

Just past the intersection of Old Columbia Pike and E. Randolph Road (Just off Route 29)

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The freezer case has some frozen fish in it (not sure about meat) and there was a back counter that had what looked to be some smoked meats (I recall poultry). I didn't get the impression that they carried much/any fresh meat or fish. and honestly I would be a little dubious about buying fresh meat or fish from them. It is a pretty bare bones operation. The frozen fish was all package like it was from a distributor, so assuming that it has been handled properly the whole time I would imagine it would be fine.

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