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Mayfair and Pine, Chefs Emily Sprissler and Jason Cote in the old Town Hall Space, Glover Park - Closed

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This place opened over the summer in the former Town Hall space. Anyone been? Going there tonight with a large group, including two small children.

This is a good place to go with a large group, and I would expect it to be diverting enough for small children. The food isn't bad, but it wilts a bit in the spotlight, with some quirky touches that I guess harken to the farcical side of British culture. Bread is sweet and doughy. A jar of shepherd's pie is pretty good, especially the dab of mashed potatoes, I am told, but a visible accumulation of unappetizing lamb grease has been allowed tio settle to the bottom. The romesco sauce for the calamari is alright, but disappointing on two counts: the batter is underdone and the squid themselves are just on the verge of rubbery. A bison burger is an ok choice, but it comes annointed with odd bacon bits bound with brown sugar that are reminiscent of candied walnuts. Our server discusses these when taking the order and says they can be scraped off. When white cheddar and real bacon are added to the burger, the cost rises to $18.75, which seems maybe out of whack with the cost of better burgers around town. The supreme Palena burger these days goes for $14, although this place throws in the fries (at least, I believe I had them) while Frank Ruta charges $8 for a larger portion of them. (And I realize I am comparing beef to buffalo.) Children will like this place just for the chocolte fudge sundae, but adults may notice that there is more cream andf less ice cream than there should be. The dessert is pretty standard, but is topped with an odd pretzel-shaped rice crispie treat. The prices here appear low, but can add up fast if you aren't paying attention. A regular-sized Hendricks Martini is $13; I know some other places that are more generous with the size of their martinis, and for less. (And other places where they are $16 and about the same size.) Some of the entrees top $30, a cost that made me hesitant to order them. My sense is that this restaurant has more work to do if it wants to stay in business.

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