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Locanda Verde, TriBeCa - Chef-Partner Andrew Carmellini in Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel

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This Tribeca eatery is a great value for a good meal. They have outdoor seating weather permitting, and are dog friendly to at least small dogs.

My husband sheepishly after this meal looked at me and admitted it may have been the best meal of our trip, and certainly the best value. The sheepish look was because we had two nights before been at Le Bernadin. We checked in with the very nice hostess, we were a few minutes early and our table wasn't quite ready yet. She offered me the bar and I laughed told her I better go wait with the hubby and pup and she was very nice and said don't worry I will find you when your table is ready. Sure enough a few minutes later she did. Our waitress was very nice, while we just wanted a few cocktails, we overheard her extensive conversation with the table next to us regarding wine selection, she brought them out a couple different things to try, including what she recommended when they were a bit unsure. I had the Mare Mosso with bourbon, zacapa rum, ginger beer, apple cider and fennel honey. It was really refreshing, not overly sweet and nice on a evening after a long walk wearing out the dog. I am not sure what Hubby had.

I started with the Arugula Insalata. A generous bowl of peppery fresh greens with asiago, lightly dressed. It had mission figs and some speck, but not too much, which was good as I mainly wanted greens. It was so good, Hubby actually stole a decent portion of it, which never happens. It was really a simple dish, but really just hit the spot. Hubby had the duck meatballs with dried cherry mostarda. Those were also good, nicely flavored with a juicy texture, a little rich, but good.

For entrees I had skate with squash, fried green tomato and agrumato. I thought this dish was also really fresh. The skate was nicely cooked with a good touch of acidity. The tomatoes weren't overly breaded, had a nice flavor and not at all mealy or overly dense. The vegetables were at that perfect, cooked, still a little crisp stage. It was a really nicely composed dish. I love the flavors a little tangy, lemon, but with nice texture.

Hubby had the paparadelle. I didn't try any since I had really good paparadelle at Eataly previously, but he loved this place, so it must have been good. For dessert I had the peach crostada with goat's milk gelato, basil syrup and it had a little bit of brittle of some sort. I really like the tanginess of the gelato with the sweetness of the crostada and the basil syrup really rounded it out so it wasnt' overly sweet, but a really nice composition of flavor and texture. Hubby had the lemon tart and thought it was really good, as well. We both liked that the dessert wasn't too decomposed or messed with, just simple flavors, with really impeccable execution. This whole meal made me want to come back.

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I love Locanda Verde - we had a great dinner there the last time husband and I were in NYC together. Next time, try the fresh ricotta with sea salt and herbs. I dream about that stuff. I know, I know, it's just ricotta, how good could it be? Trust me. It's that good.

It's just an awesome neighborhood place - great service, really nice food, fun vibe. We look forward to getting back.

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