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Grilled Oyster Company, Potomac, Owners Valerie and Rick Dugan in Cabin John Shopping Center and Cathedral Commons

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  • Grilled Oyster is going in the Pomegranate Bistro spot, and says they're shooting for Labor Day weekend.
  • China Jade Bistro, in the old Jade Billows spot, opening projected for October.
  • Benny's is going in the old Popeye's spot, no opening date listed.

2 new restaurants appear to be headed to the "glamorous" Cabin John Shopping Center:

The Grilled Oyster -- http://washingtondc....3171425083.html

Benny's Bar & Grill -- http://www.facebook....125966564192221

Looks like The Grilled Oyster Company is now open. Here is early menu.

GOC Opening Menu.pdf

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I stopped in here for lunch the other day on whim and overall had a positive impression. The space is decorated simply and attractively with a bar as you walk in (which means that you're hit with cold air during these months when you sit there as I did). I had an oyster po' boy that comes with side of fries, and both were pretty good for $12. It said it had a buffalo sauce, which worried me before tasting it, but it added some flavor boost which I find you often need with Cheseapeake oysters since they aren't as briny as I crave (Wandering side note: if you ever get a chance, try Island Creeke Oysters out of Duxbury, MA if you can find them anywhere. They have a restaurant in Boston, supply to places like Le Bernadin and the French Laundry, and you can order 100 for $150 to have them FedExed overnight if you're willing to shuck. Amazing). But the whole belly clams were well fried with plenty of juiciness. It was a pretty decent sandwich that makes me want to try more of their seafood. I had some time and a sweet tooth, so I also had the key lime pie for dessert. It was just ok. Not nearly tart enough for me (those that miss Bobby's Crabcakes would know what I mean) and the sauce on the plate really didn't have much flavor, but there was plenty of sugar and fat to at least my basic needs. At $7, I wouldn't get it again, but it's fine if you want a dessert. Honestly, though, the thing I enjoyed the most about my visit was the hyper-friendly bartender (Kara, I think). She kept me talking--in a good way. She made we want to come back.

Overall, this place seemed decent. Not great, but good enough to fill a need in that area of town where you won't have to worry about parking.



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I was in for dinner last week solo, and had pretty much the same impression as Brian. Nice neighborhood place, nothing to drive across town for.

I had a few grilled oysters (why not try the restaurant's namesake) which were fine. Fresh ingredients, good combination of flavors, but the oyster gets a little lost.

A special of rockfish was excellent, and a very generous serving at $17. Don't remember the sides, but I recall enjoying them.

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Four of us dined at Grilled Oyster Company this evening, and I have to admit, I wasn't expecting too much. After all, it's four-deep on the Potomac section of the dining guide, just above the perfectly mediocre and overpriced River Falls Seafood, so how good can it be? Earlier reviews called it decent, not great. I was ready for a typically overpriced and not very memorable Potomac meal.

Not so at all. This was easily the best seafood meal of 2013 for me -- I ate at Crisfield's last week, just for comparison -- and easily the best meal I have ever had in Potomac. If Grilled Oyster Company is fourth-best restaurant in Potomac, I can't wait to eat at the other three.

I ordered the Chef's Sampler -- two small crabcakes tonight -- and the Three Grilled FIsh entree. Lady KN had one of the four mussels preparations and the Chesapeake Cioppino. Tablemates had the Linguini with Clams and Mussels, and the Grilled Diver Scallops. I can happily declare each and every morsel to be cooked perfectly, totally delicious and worth coming back for.

I'll highlight my own dishes in particular. The Chef's Sampler changes regularly, but tonight it was the house crabcakes, two of them, about 2-oz each but each with different sauce and different accompiments. I've eaten a lot of crabcakes between here and the Atlantic shore, with many stops up and down the Eastern Shore and Kent Island. WIth about 5% filler, these little babies landed on my top five all time list. I followed this with the Three Grilled Fish, and all three of rockfish, salmon and yellow tail tuna were cooked to perfection, sauced perfectly and sitting atop a small bit of local goodness. The salmon rested on a nice little mound of orzo and local veggies, the rockfish topped a wonderful corn and couscous. The yellow tail was pepper crusted and cooked rare, served over a fresh slaw. Each bite was perfect.

As I sampled around the table, the mussels -- big and juicy, from Maine -- were delicious. The Chesapeake Cioppino was an interesting take on the San Francisco recipe, and just as good. The Diver Scallops were perfectly grilled and very good. And the Linguini with Clams and Mussels was a nicely executed dish.

I highly recommend this place, and it will be where Lady KN and I take most of our future meals in Potomac. Although, if three other places are really better than this one, I'll have to try them first, and I will expect to be blown away by all three.

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I consider Grilled Oyster Company to be to Montgomery County what PassionFish is to Fairfax County. Both provide a good dining experience focused on quality seafood.

Four of us dined at Grilled Oyster Company tonight, and we really enjoyed the meal. The mussels and the fried calamari were our table appetizers. Those mussels gave off a liquor that required multiple rounds of grilled bread - cheerfully refilled by our gracious waitor - to sop up. The calamari wasn't necessarily spectacular, but was certainly good.

For my main, my heart was set on rockfish. After all, this is a Maryland seafood restaurant, which means that rockfish should be front and center. Alas, there was no rockfish on the entree menu or on the specials board. So I inquired about this with our gracious server, and he pointed to the dish called "three grilled fish" - about two ounces each of tuna, salmon and rockfish. And then he said he could make it a rockfish trio for me. Sold!

Lady KN had the swordfish special, which was very good - I confirmed that with a substantial taste - and Lady KN's father enjoyed the grilled scallops, also very good. Our fourth member of the party was Lady KN's brother, who also had the swordfish and similarly swooned over its delicious execution.

Like I said, this is Montgomery County's PassionFish. Here is a place where a nice dining experience can be had, featuring quality fresh seafood, and the price is moderately reasonable. Notwithstanding the relative scarcity of rockfish, save for a creative special order, the Grilled Oyster Company is becoming my regular destination for a great seafood meal in Montgomery County.

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