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Red Hen Coffee House and Cafe, and Nightcat (for Music), Justin and Sara Ewing's Independently Owned Coffee House with Live Music in Easton

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Red Hen is a sunny coffee shop along the main drag of tourist boutiques in Easton. They feature several single origin coffees brewed fresh using pour through technology. Good cup of Yirgacheffe Kochere from Ethiopia. This is the kind of chill relaxed coffee shop that DC-ites would like to see more of in DC.

Didn't try any food, but they offer a variety of breakfast, sandwiches, and pastry items.

Ajoining the coffee shop is a small cafe which doubles as a music venue called NightCat.

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Will second the recc from Tweaked on Red Hen. This location was a mediocre coffee shop under different ownership until late last year or early this year (forgetting the exact dates). I had a chance to talk with Justin, half of the couple that own Red Hen earlier this year. He/they have a more determined focus on providing a quality product that I really appreciated. On coffee, they're using Ceremony which makes much sense given their location and desire to sell quality brew. They hadn't yet upgraded the espresso machine when I was there but may have by now. Either way, a fine cup of brew or espresso drink can now be had here, the only spot like it in town and an easy walk from the town hall/center of Easton.

Outside of town half of three quarters is a more hard-core, roaster that serves coffee to drink as well but that's for a different thread.

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