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Charitable Bethesda Restaurants Needed to Help with a Tutoring Program


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I work at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and I volunteer in a mentoring and tutoring program that for the last 10 years aims to help our most "at risk" 9th graders make the transition to high school and hopefully stay eligible all year. One aspect of the program is that every Thursday these students (the number varies from week to week throughout the year, but the peek number is around 35 and the low number is around 15) meet us in a classroom and we pair them with National Honor Society tutors who try to help them finish projects, study for tests, or get through their homework. One of the "carrots" that we dangle in front of them is that we have always provided free lunches to the students (not the tutors though). The director of the program has a little bit of money to work with from the school's educational foundation, but it's not much. In the past, we've gotten a lot of McDonalds and Dominoes because they were convenient and would give the director a discount. One of the kids' highlights last year was when Mongolian Barbecue donated a meaty pasta dish that was simple and fairly inexpensive for business; however, they are now closed. We've only provided food and never drinks and that seems to be fine with the kids. Now that McDonalds in Bethesda has now closed, we are low on options and we were hoping that some local restaurants might be willing to step up and support this worthy program, even if it's just for one meal. If you are interested or know the contact info of someone who might be interested in supporting our program, please PM me and I'll explain any other information that you might be curious about and I can put you in charge with the woman who runs the program. Thank you for considering!



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