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Dirt Candy (cookbook/graphic novel from NY veg restaurant)


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Dirt Candy is a vegetable restaurant in NYC. (Apparently part of their branding is that they don't prefer to say "vegetarian." OK fine.)

They have a new cookbook out, which I love even though I just got it and have not cooked from it yet. It is not just a cookbook, but also a set of stories and essays, in graphic-novel format, about various aspects of starting a restaurant, cooking, etc. The comic illustrations are also used effectively in some recipes, to give good visual information. In case you are a graphic novel fan, you may be interested to know that the artist is the guy who has done things like "Action Philosophers."

So it is a lot of fun, it is not expensive ($13 at Amazon for now, and you can "look inside" to get a sense of it), and my guess is that it's going to be good to cook from (even though some of the dishes look maybe more aspirational or "lots of stages and steps there, will save that for a day when I've got nothing better to do".)

[by the way, if this belongs in "cooking" rather than "news and media," please feel free to move it.]

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