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William Jeffrey's Tavern, South Arlington - Chef Jonathan Till Replaces Will Sullivan, GM Logan Skidmore in the Siena Park Building on Columbia Pike

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I'm hoping I am not the first to post as this place is clean, with 2 bars, a decent beer & cocktail program & good service to boot.

David and I have been there 4 times.
3 for dinner and 1 for brunch (Great Bloody Mary Bar with all the fixins)
Solid Burgers & Wings, French toast; that's about all we have tried.

Some good beers on tap.

A nice casual escape from the Clarendon scene.


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We are fans of William Jeffries, affectionately known as Billy Jeff's or BJs, and are known to frequent several time a month. The food is consistent and solid. It is defintely different then the other restaurants in the group - Rhodeside, Ragtime, etc. If you are looking for a menu similar to those places there are a few items that come close, but it is a notch or two above. Tremendous hits include the pork carnita wrap, the skirt steak wrap, tomato basil soup and the burgers. From the main menu, the crab cakes and the chicken are consistently good. They have the honey pepper wings like Rhodeside but they just don't nail it quite like the other does. The oysters are also generally a good bet. The shucking wasn't that great originally, but much improved of late.

The bartenders ad servers are engaging and friendly. The beer choices are great. Same with the hard stuff. The wine by the glass could use help but that is probably more of personal preference.

This is a great place to watch a game, meet a group of friends, or hunker down during a weather event (or power outage). It is a great addition to the Pike and, as stated above, a nice alternative to our neighbors to the north.

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We've been three or four times now, and I've been pleasantly surprised each time. apparently, I never adjust my expectations. But I keep suggesting going back. Most recently, I had the blackened catfish (not really truly blackened, but pan-fried with a nice sear that leaves the fish moist and the outside spicy with a light crust). I ate the whole thing, which I rarely do. The remoulade had a nice chunkiness which gave a good pickle flavor. I didn't love the hush puppies. Not sure how to describe this, but I like my hush puppies to be more cornbread-y and less tempura-y. Loved my iceberg wedge with blue cheese and tomato and bacon. Exactly what it sounds like. Not high falutin. Just tastes really good. I'm not an expert re mixed drinks, but the gin-based drink with lemon and rosemary I had was lovely.and my stepson (who is quite picky about his drinks) raved about the maple manhattan. Finally, I've noticed on each visit that the service is really earnest and really effective. It's not just that they try hard, but that they also get it right -- little things that add up like bringing out my little one's meal with our appetizers; unobtrusively keeping the waters full; asking about a second drink so that it can be made in time to arrive with the entree.

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