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Springfield Motors - German Car Repair Specialists on Backlick Road in Springfield since 1973


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I'm writing this as an addendum to the Deutsch American thread. As much as I dislike the car, the service it has received at Springfield Motors has been excellent.

My son was gifted with a vintage Mercedes, after he got his license, and I do mean vintage: it's an '88.

After it made the trip up from Georgia (after being pulled from under the pine trees where it resided for 15 years), I called several local shops - it was either German Swedish or New German Performance who laughed at me, and told me they wouldn't touch cars that old, and referred me to Springfield Motors.

Freddy and the guys have walked us through the extensive restoration, the car is running, and Tom is happy (I'm still unconvinced that it was worth it, but my opinion is not considered) ...

I'm happy that we managed to locate Springfield Motors, and I would totally recommend them to anyone who has a vintage Mercedes.

Linda Noble

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