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The Mustered Burghers Meet and Catch Up


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The Mustered Burghers Meet and Catch Up has been very frustrating for me because my own promise of security has me painted into a corner.

I want people to get to know others in their neighborhoods, but I'm bound by honor not to reveal peoples' identities or locations.

So what's a way around this? "If people are interested, they'll chime in" sounds nice on paper, but in practice, people don't chime in, and potential friends end up being complete strangers, even though they may live right down the street from each other. The picnics are certainly a nice way to meet people, but they're not frequent enough. Man, there are enough active members here for there to be local dinners (even just a table of 4) nearly every night of the week.

I need explicit permission before I can introduce folks on here who are practically neighbors (and there are many, many of you), and I don't know what to do.

Any ideas? Confidentiality is the one non-breakable contact I've made with our members, and of course I'll never break it, but I also think people can't have too many friends, especially friends with common interests, and this community is a gold mine of potential friendships. Maybe more people can start putting their cities in their signature file? Or they could write me and give me permission to introduce them to their neighbors? The latter seems like a good idea to me. None of this "date crap" - for that you can go to Match.com or check in with Scott and Claudia  :wub: - but friends make the world go around, and I wish our great members knew each other the way that I know you. Did you know that I have the names and hometowns of the vast majority of our active members committed to memory? I spend a great deal of time on this, and I'm convinced it makes this a better community, and it makes me a more effective leader (or organizer, or moderator - take your pick: leader sounds boorish).

And why *not* take this as my 8,000th opportunity to say thank you once again to all the great individuals who are the links of this beautiful chain.

Okay, I'm getting ready to begin another bribeoffer to win a gift certificate for those who post in the Professionals and Businesses section. Details will be forthcoming.

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