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Sheridan Vineyards 2009 Singularity Syrah

Joe H

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This is serious Washington state cult wine that is (minus two bottles) unavailable east of the Mississippi. Probably unavailable in Washington state, too. I bought six bottles from Avalon Wines in OR and, incredibly, found a bottle on the shelf of Total in McLean yesterday. Parker rates this 96-100; the '08 is going for $200 a bottle on Wine Searcher; the '09 is sold out from the winery and every other website that I've researched in the Pacific Northwest.

But there are, at this writing, two bottles of the '09 ($79.95 each) on the shelf at Total in McLean. Supposeduly this is at least the equal to the '08.

Incredible "legs" sluicing down the sides of the Sommelier. Sticking my unapologetic nose several inches into the glass and inhaling, just a remarkable nose, easily the equal of K Vintner's also 99 point Royal City. (Did I mention that we opened this last night?)

The Singularity is a bit smoother but not as alcoholic (14.1% vs. 15.5%). Fantastic wine. For myself, confirmation that Washington state is making the best syrah on the face of the earth today. I should also mention Reynvaan Stoneessence and Cayuse Bionic Frog. But, to be honest, I've had and loved the Stonessence. For the Bionic Frog I am still on the waiting list for the mailing list. After four years.

Total in McLean has two bottles of Sheridan's Singularity on the shelf (8/8/12-8:02PM). Maybe the best of all...

Note: two hours in the glass before it even approached what it might taste like in the future.

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