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Grammar Rock <--- Does Anyone Remember This?

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And after seeing my comments in a block quote I had to go back to correct a spelling error :wacko:

Q: How do you make a website administrator with OCD think about reaching for the kitchen knife?

A: Write what you just wrote.

I spent about ten minutes going back-and-forth looking for the error so I could correct it in the quoted version,


then said "to hell with it," and cut-and-pasted your new version on top of the other.

"It's all good now!" he said, quietly, and with a broad grin, to the ward in the asylum.

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I've had enough.

I just heard someone on CNN say (for the 5,000th time in my life) "For God sakes!"

Stop this! It is poor grammar, and should never be spoken.

You have two choices, each with very different meanings, but both correct:

1) For God's sake ... 

2) ... forsakes God.

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