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Black Friday VA ABC Sale


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I'd love an explanation as to why we, as licensees, can't take advantage of the Black Friday deals(yes, we tried, mostly to make a point). We're retail customers as well.

As if it isn't enough that we pay full retail price for our product no matter how much we buy--no wholesale pricing, no volume discounts, no friggin' delivery! Then to see the product offered on sale to customers, but full price for me, is so irritating.

Furthermore, ABC agents are up our ass constantly about over-serving, and we can't do anything at all to promote the sale of our product, yet the ABC store is having a huge sale on liquor? What better enticement to over indulge is there? Sean Mike, tell me you won't be having an extra glass or two thanks to your whiskey score? And good for you!

Hypocrisy aside, you'd think they would want to help me sell more since the state's budget is so tied to the revenue. Or at least put the shit on a truck and deliver it to me instead of us having to drive our own vehicle down to Duke Street every god damn week.


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