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Dino Bollito Misto Dinner January 2-6 with Big DonRockwell Discounts (Wine, Too)

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One of my favorite dining experiences was our first Quartiere dinner in Montalcino. The Quartieri are the neighborhood charitable organization that make Italian life so unique. We came to Montalcino at end of season and noticed several posters advertising various dinners for each of the four quartiere. Due to previous commitments the only one that fit our schedule was that of Quartiere Travaglio {the workers quarter}. We arrived at their Cena Di Bolliti {Bolliti refers to the meal: a boiled dinner, and to "bolliti" or hot under the collar" referring to the anger of the poor in a wealthy town. We were quickly accepted as honorary members of Travaglio and enjoyed a meal filled with great food as well as lots of love! It also allowed us to see the folks whose bars, stores and restaurants we loved enjoyed themselves on a well earned night off. Since that evening, our experience of Montalcino is vastly different than before.

Every year, we stage a pretty similar meal right after the holidays. Bollito Misto, as served in Montalcino, consists of a wide variety of meats and "parts" simmered in a capon broth and served up as part of a great meal. The meal starts off with some of the simmering broth with fresh hand cut noodles & parsley. Next up was potatoes {we will add organic green beans if we can get some from Homestead Farms in Florida} served with aioli & salsa verde {In the Travaglio tradition, the potatoes were to fill the belly with a small amount of meat to follow.} Next comes the star of the evening, a platter of mixed simmered meats. Our will include Roseda brisket and tongue, D'Artagnan veal breast & capon meat, and more to be determined along with more of the aioli, salsa verde and with a non traditional mustard & horseradish mixture plus house mostarda. A fruit Jam tart is traditional, but we are leaving dessert in a TBD status.

The cost of the meal is $39.00. For DR.Com member reserving for January 2 and 3, it is $30 and wine madness will be available to DR.Com members all nights thru the 6th. {wines $50+ are 33% off.}

Please do mention DR.Com when you reserve or put it in the notes when reserving thru Open Table.


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Just a reminder that this starts tonight. We will extend the special Don Rockwell price of $30 for 4 courses thru Sunday Januray 6

If you order the wine flight for $27, you get Collemattone "Adone" {95% Brunello rated sangiovese, 5% merlot}, Rosso di Montalcino 2009 and Brunello 2005. We will upgrade the 3oz pours to 8 oz if two or more order the Bollito Misto.

Please reserve by phone or open table and mention DR.Com when you do. You need to be a DR.com member to take advantage of the price, and please provide your DR.com name when you reserve or arrive.

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Not sure how close to Italian but in Spanish one might exclaim "!que tragedia!"

As in, only just saw this and with the 6th a football and wing day, ain't gonna happen. Oh well; will look forward to the next one. Thanks for offering this, Dean. Does sound like a great deal.

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