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Professional Bartending School - Staffers/Bartenders for Parties, Events, Weddings, Corporate Events - Wilson Blvd in Courthouse


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I thought I'd throw this out there after reviewing some year end activity.

This past year the Professional Bartending School provided bartenders for over 130 parties, events, weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, etc.

We don't aggressively advertise or market this service. The school doesn't charge for the service. We will connect you with our graduates and you pay them direct.

We are currently in contact with over 1,000 graduates ranging from people with over 10 years experience to new grads. We have suggested hourly rates. Many of our grads already work for caterers, so you get the same personnel who might cater your event without the overhead charges. Hosts have hired our grads for bartending, serving, barbacking etc. We have staffed events with one to 12 bartenders in the past year.

This year we additionally staffed up many caterers for the holiday season, with some having started their hiring as early as last summer. In past years we often last minute or over a rush two weeks would staff holiday parties and busy December weekends full of parties with up to 100 grads per weekend.

While party season is dying down with New Years this is a year round opportunity as we always have available graduates for any events.

You can contact us at http://bartending-school.com or see pictures of grads at our facebook page http://facebook.com/ProfessionalBartendingSchoolDC,

Phone number is 703 841 9700 and the contact email for our placement director is PBSPlacement@gmail.com

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I thought I'd bump this.   Our little old bartending school located in Arlington but servicing the entire region provided staff for numerous events, parties, holiday parties etc. during Sept and October...to the tune of staffing 60 grads for various events.

At various times over the years we have had requests from caterers for around 100 bartenders for a weekend.   We can handle that.   We handle anything for a request for one experienced bartender to requests for multiple staff for an event.

Currently (as of Nov, 2013) we are in touch with about 1800 grads both new and old, experienced and "new but trained" to staff events:  Anything from private parties to large corporate events.

The professional bartending school doesn't charge employers for these services.  You do pay the bartenders directly.   But we can get you a lot of folks from all over the region to staff any event virtually anywhere in the region with a lot of trained people.   This past year I believe we staffed the 2 inaugural balls in January with over 50 bartenders within 2 days advance notice.

If you are looking for staff for a small event or a large event contact us.    the schools involvement is free.

Placement phone number is 703 841 9757.    Placement email is PBSPlacement@gmail.com    We can provide very experienced people upon special request.   A lot  of  the people we provide already or have extensive catering experience with a myriad of services around the region and/or are the same people who advertise and market their services on craigslist, and through other methods.

Feel free to contact us.

http:  bartending-school.com    main phone number is 703 841 9700

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Bumping this with an update

Rocklands Catering Gets 20 Good Applicants within 3 days --with the Help of the Professional Bartending School

And it was Free for Rocklands

Just thought I'd bump this for the potential employers out there.  Our bartending school fielded a call from Rocklands Catering Department about 2 weeks ago.  They needed more staff for their catering department especially for the warm weather months.

We blasted this to grads on a Monday.  By Thursday our contact at Rocklands reported he had about 20 impressive resumes and responses for interviewing.  The resumes included experience, responded to the need to be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs for set up, and had vehicles for working anywhere in the region.  Rocklands had hired some grads in the past. The employer was thinking about hiring less than 20 so they have a variety of people to choose from.

In fact our grads come from all over the metropolitan region from way Southern Md, to North of Baltimore to Frederick County.  On the Va side they tend to range from Fredericksburg South and deep into Loudoun County and of course predominantly within the closer in suburbs and city.

On top of that between March 1 and June 30 this year we assisted grads in landing over 520 different bartending jobs in the region from hotels to clubs, to restaurants, to brewpubs, to catering to events.  That was a 4 month record for us, and roughly equaled all the bartending jobs reported by nearby competitive schools for an entire year in their BEST Year.  If you know people looking for this skill and trying to get bartending work we are a good choice.

To reiterate, staffing assistance for any kind of bartending position is free to employers.  We are currently in contact with about 1,000 grads on a regular basis.  They range in experience from deep experienced to new graduates.  We "can" reach out to thousands of more graduates.  We can filter job requests by experience, region, etc etc.   We can provide assistance for any kind of bartending position from full time to part time or events or parties at your home or office.

For direct contact you can email the Job Placement Manager at PBSPlacement@gmail.com or call direct at 703 841-9757, or the main number for the school at 703 841 9700.

Meanwhile one of our recent grads Davienne is doing a terrific job of bartending for special events and parties.  She is good and she is clever:  She has been asking customers for reviews....and received the following:  Isn't that great???

  • 5/5 stars July 7, 2014


    Davienne bartended for our 4th Of July party. She was on time, very professional with a vibrant personality! Davienne did an excellent job accommodating the various drink requests for our 45+ guests. She went above the call of duty when a guest spilled red wine on our carpet and assisted in the clean up.I will hire her for our future events and refer her on to others.

    Anita D.

  • 5/5 stars June 16, 2014


    Davienne was so charismatic! She helped out at my graduation party and she was definitely a hit with all of the guests. She was punctual and polite and she made the most delicious mixed drinks - she even made one personalized with my school colors! Absolutely loved her!

    Klare K.

  • 5/5 stars June 3, 2014


    Davienne was one of the server/hostess for my graduation party this Saturday and I must say her services are exceptional. Davienne was able to work in a fast paced environment of about 80 guests. She is able to work independently and quickly. Her presentation, work ethics and appearance are stellar. I highly recommend Davienne for future parties. While she is primarily a bartender, she also has a background in being a server/hostess and I mostly used her for the latter services. She has a versatile background and that is what makes her unique.

    Soffiyah N.

If you have other questions you can call the main number and ask for me, Dave.      Thanks.   :D

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September Catering/Staffing Update

This is a good time period to update notices about catering and staffing needs.  In fact we could have/should have updated this at the beginning of September.   Catering staffing requirements are through the roof.  We are in touch with a variety of caterers and are currently staffing events through the holiday season.  Over the past several weeks some of the caterers we work with are already staffed out to the max handling numerous events every weekend since the beginning of September.  (that is several hundred event staffers bartenders/servers each week/weekend) covering the entire DMV from events North of Baltimore to Southern MD, in DC and throughout Northern VA.

The Professional Bartending School is currently in touch with well over 1,000 past grads. Many of them currently work for established caterers. We can staff caterers. We can provide bartenders for your own events.  At this very moment we are staffing a few priority events with our most senior experienced people and are likewise staffing large events with dozens of grads at a time.

...and we are a great source for leads for bartenders for your restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs.

For more info call and ask for me, (Dave) or our placement director, Heather.  You can email her at pbsplacement@gmail.com.  Our main # is 703 841 9700.

....and btw:   We don't charge employers for this service.   :)

(and 1 more btw:  We helped grads land 600 bartending jobs from the 5 month period of March to July this past Spring/early Summer).

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Over the past 6 months or more we have refined a method for getting people emergency bartenders.  Its certainly not our best attribute, though event staffers, restaurant operators and others value it.   Earlier today we got a call for a restaurateur who needed an experienced bartender for an event/party today.  About 6 hrs with the bartender being there at 3:30 Pm.   We don't have the technology to know who to assign  (have to know grads addresses/hrs of work for other jobs/availability, etc.  )   So we blast these things out.

Earlier today the bar school got one of those emergency calls.  We blasted it out to over 3500 grads reviewing "opportunities"  full time/part time, etc.   Within an hour and a half the operator called to have us "Turn Off" the opportunity.    And so we did.  The owner was "inundated" with applicants.  The owner/operator thanked us profusely.  The grad will get paid.  Not us.  Possibly it is our "best attribute"...that is for those with emergency needs.

If you need a bartender you can reach us at 703 841 9757.  That is our placement line

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Just a little end of year review:   For November and Dec, it appears we have direct staffed via request during this period about 300 grads for events (some grads worked multiple events through our staffing).  What that doesn't include is the enormous number of grads who are already working for caterers, hotels, restaurants and/or staffing companies.  They could work as many as 4 or 5 events per week or as little as one event per season.  We might easily have well over 1,000 grads (or a lot more) doing this, during this and every holiday season for the last X years. 

Yesterday we received a nice thank you note from a harried, worried host, who learned his event's bartender bailed out the day before the event:  The description from our Facebook Page:


When we posted early on Friday about Party and Event Bartenders, we didn't know about the outcome of a party we staffed for Friday evening. We'll let the host describe the situation. We added a photo of Crissy working a different event "

I wanted to take a few moments to express to you how pleased I was with your staff. From start to finish, they were superb. I had originally made plans for a bartender from a different service and they fell through on Thursday, 19 December. (The event was for 20 December). Needless to say, I was worried and frustrated. But when I called your office this past Thursday to inquire about a replacement in 24 hours, I was so impressed with Kiki's tone, support, empathy and assistance in helping me solve my problem. She was prompt and courteous and made me feel like I had called the right place and didn't need to worry anymore. In fact, I believe that's what she said, "We're going to get you a fantastic bartender and you're going to have a great party...give me an hour." She was not mistaken. Crissy contacted me later that afternoon and showed up early on Friday. Let me say this...if I didn't have a business trip in January, we'd be having another party just to bring Crissy back. The party was a success. She was such a professional, knew immediately how I wanted the event handled and just "did her thing." She is neat and tidy like I am and treated my space like her own. My friends and coworkers loved her and we're looking forward to future Spring events where we can enjoy the cocktails Crissy makes as well as ask her to introduce us to drinks we may not have sampled.

I wanted you to know, as a senior in the establishment, just how well someone new like me was treated across the board. Kiki and Crissy are excellent representatives of your firm. I will be telling my friends about your services and I know when I have larger events, exactly whom to call.

Happy Holidays and New Year,

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