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Beanetics, A Specialty Coffee Roaster and Cafe on Columbia Pike in Annandale


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I don't know Annandale that well but, as best I can tell, amidst all the great Asian restaurants, it's an area very under served by good coffee.  While I can't be 100% certain (and would love a good challenge here from any who know Annandale better), I feel pretty safe advising that anyone in the area looking for decent coffee should go here and only here. OTOH, by no means would it make sense to drive here from Arlington County, Alexandria, DC or MoCo for coffee.

Beanetics, like Caffe Amouri in Vienna or Misha's in Alexandria, roasts their own beans, which they largely buy from a NY based wholesaler.  Relative to all the other roasters I can think of in our area, the operation here is a bit larger in terms of the square footage devoted to a large capacity roaster and related equipment and beans at immediate left when you enter. Pretty cool setup based only on curb appeal.

I ordered a small cappuccino and a pourover (the latter using their own roasted Hawaiian Kona coffee since that's a varietal less common with shops who sell other roasters' beans).

I forget the type of espresso machine they have but it wasn't a Marzocco. The capp was heavy on foam relative to the espresso and the espresso itself was a bit bitter.  Serviceable to be sure but probably a better bet to go for freshly brewed coffee here. They offer either french press or pourover though the latter with a plastic funnel and filters too small for the opening but workable.

My Kona was okay.  Nothing with especially notable flavor or complexity but smooth enough and drinkable.

The owners here have definite passion for what they're doing. They had maybe a dozen different single origin and blended beans available for sale in unusual but perhaps more advanced packaging.  They do put roast dates on all the packages, which is great to see.  Most were roasted within the past 5 to 7 days with just a few that went back no more than 17 or so days.

Pastries, cookies, muffins are all fairly standard for area shops.  They serve Two Leaves and a Bud tea, one of the two better options available on the market for bagged teas. I like when I see this or Mighty Leaf in a coffee shop since I don't expect them to invest more in the best loose leaf tea program.

If looking for a decent cup before or after an Asian repast out Annandale way, you probably can't do too much better than Beanetics unless headed back toward DC.

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Beanetics is our closest good coffee roaster and they also sell at the Falls Church farmer's market. Several of their team members are coffee heads and fun to talk too. Other of their team members seem to be working there on work release from the prison of angst/ennui filled young adults. But we go beause we love the coffee and their roast.

Their roasts are on the dark side bu quite short of the fire and brimstone roast of Charbucks and Pete's. But the roasts are much fuller than compass etc. 

They roast a lot of standards. Their Mocha Java, while not a favorite in house, is a great example and our go to choice. They have blends of which we like Cro Magnon, their fullest and darkest. From time to time, you can get unusual things like Bali Green Moon which is sweet, spicy and quite delicious. 

Their in-house coffees are not as good as the beans. But we like a strong blend: 66 grams coffee per liter in a French press. Given that, taking Beanetics home and French pressing it ourselves is our choice.

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Beanetics coffee is closed for retail but offers pick up service Monday thru Friday in the afternoon. I ordered at 12:15 and got a call at 3pm. They keep the door locked but the guy saw me and came to the door before I could knock. Payment thu paypal but it has to bee a credit card. The payment was frustrating. The coffee as usual, very good! We have settles on Bali Blue Moon and Tanzanian Peaberry as out go to's with Papua New Guinea and Cro Magnon blend to break it up from time to time. 

Beanetics order page

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