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Ocean City, MD Post-Graduation Dinner for 12+ People in May, 2012


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12 members of my family are coming to town for my son's graduation from Salisbury this May, and we have rented a condo in OC for the weekend. I'm looking for someplace to go for a family dinner on Saturday evening with good, reasonably priced food that will appeal to ages 20-60. American, seafood, steak, Mexican....any genre other than crabs could work.

Unfortunately, graduation weekend also coincides with the Cruiser weekend in OC with all of the old souped up cars - so getting reservations now is paramount!

ANy suggestions will be gladly taken!



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You have a problem: we've been to the Sunset Grille a half dozen times, most recently last summer. I raved about it on here and CH and from ambience to menu it should be wonderful. And the locals go there. In fact this along with Fager's Island was their first choice for a number of years. (When I say locals I am talking about several who own and manage Ocean City's larger attractions and have lived there for most of their lives. They, like me, are now old...er.)

Our last visit was awful.

It had changed.

The same "locals" who told us about the Sunset Grille told us about Capain's Table in the Courtyard at the northern end of the Boardwalk where they now go. s We went. Three times on two trips last summer. I now believe this is the single best Maryland style seafood restaurant in the entire state. And I've eaten a LOT of seafood in 60 years of wandering around Maryland. I've also carried home gallon containers (literally) of their red crab soup and quart containers of their lumb crab guacamole. (yes, lump crab guacamole-you have no idea how good this can be). The family who own this restaurant started in Ocean City in the 1890's. Serious. Not an exaggeration-there is a lot of history at the Captain's Table with numerous magazine and newspaper clippings on the walls.

The negative is that there is not a lot of ambience. You'll be on the third floor of a Marriott Courtyard with no view of the beach. The analogy here would be the original Corduroy. The Sunset Grille is the opposite-it looks and feels like everyting you could ever want.

If your priority is food the Captain's Table is not only the best in O. C. but also, perhaps, Maryland's best for seafood. Again, we went three times last summer. If your priority is setting the Sunset Grille would be excellent. We went once last summer and the next night returned to the Captain's Table.

Failing both I would go to Fager's Island...which is actually a very good suggestion.

For anyone else reading this and, who might happen to have a trip to O. C. coming up this summer I would definitely have one dinner at Captain's Galley. It REALLY is the best seafood restaurant in the state. Red crab soup, crab guacamole (an incredible showstopping dish that, sooner or later, is going to show up on tables in D. C.-when owners discover it), anything fresh-this is an outstanding seafood restaurant that anyone into food needs to experience.

Throw in 110+ years of history and it is special.

Special Note: I am not talking about the Captain's Galley in West Ocean City which is an outpost of their former Crisfield restaurant. The Captain's Galley has very good crab cakes but it is not in the same league with the Captain's Table in the Marriott Courtyard.

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Thanks for the advice. I think with my crowd, ambience probably trumps food excellence. I would have liked to go to Fager's, but travelling north that weekend will be a nightmare with all of the cruisers ( we are staying near 11th - probably should have mentioned that sooner!)

Any preference of Sunset vs Harborside?

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