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Django, Chef-Owner Ross Essner's BYOB on S. 4th and South Street in Society Hill - Closed

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This mirrors my planned weekend in June. I am planning on a combination of two out of Django, Vetri and Pasion for dinners depending on if I can get into Django or not and Reading Market and the Constitution Center on Saturday.

If anyone has been to Pasion, how does it compare to Ceiba? They seem like similar concepts (big, splashy, Latin, even down to the ceviches) and I'd rather not go somplace when I can get something similar at home. But if it is better than Ceiba I'd give it a go.

I really liked Django and would rate it better than Pasion.

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I really wanted to love Marigold. I originally had reservations at Django for my trip last weekend, but on recommendations of several people, I switched to Marigold.

Definitely give Django a go next time-- that place is really something special.

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Marigold and Django are some tough losses for the Philly dining scene.

I wouldn't write Django off just yet. Greg Salisbury and Ross Essner bought the restaurant and will retain the name. Greg has done some wonderful things at Rx restaurant in West Philly which he owns. Essner is executive chef at Rx.

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Really? When we travelled to Philly this summer I found that EG forum very active and informative. Maybe just a hoilday slowdown or has there been a purge there?

I guess I'm spoiled by dr.com. Inactive is a bit unfair, as there is posting going on (and many of those posters are very kind and helpful people), yet there's a frustrating lack of reviews for alot of prominent places (I could only eventually find 3 or 4 actual reports on Django since the ownership change last year). Would provide some more examples, but EG is down right now. Thought there might have been some new forum started that I wasn't aware about.

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After being sold in October, 2005 to Ross Essner and Greg Salisbury, Django closed its doors for good in September, 2008.

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That said, I would recommend that you go to Django because it's a tougher reservation to secure (at least in my limited experience). And it remains the best dinner I've had in Philly. Then again, I haven't been in two years and there are rumors of slippage in quality. Bottom line is that you probably can't go wrong with either.

Django was once the hottest of the hot, but I have heard rumblings -- ownership changes etc. Not to say it's not still great (I haven't eaten there), just recommending due diligence. Some inconclusive back and forth here.

I still have dreams about my meal at Django back in June, particularly the goat cheese gnocchi and the ginormous cheese plate.

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