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Pars Kabob Food Truck - Persian Halal Kabobs and Stews in DC

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Persian style food truck.

You have your choice of meat over rice, salad or in a sandwich. Your choices are chicken or gyros. The gyros comes cubed. At first glance, the cubes look like layered meat, but I bet its just extruded meat stuff in a thin sheet folded up on itself to look more real. The chicken is real and very tasty. The gyros is good for that type of thing. I had the combo over salad which was advertised as a Shirazi salad, but had lettuce in it and not very much sumac.

Nitpic: the hot sauce was not a Persian style but Sriracha. SUpermarket feta but at least not too much of it.

WTF: black ripe olives out of a can?

Overall, a nice $9.00 lunch but next time I'd do the chicken only and save a buck.

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There's also a Pars Kabob Express in the food court of Fair Oaks Mall - I wonder if they dispatch a food truck to DC?

After about three hours sleep, finding out the answer to this question isn't ranking very high in my life right about now.

I don't see any website or Twitter account for them - if anybody finds one, could you let me know?

Man I hate to say it, but too many of these trucks hover right around "mall food court level" in terms of quality.

Better than those nasty hot dog carts, I guess.

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