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Django was once the hottest of the hot, but I have heard rumblings -- ownership changes etc. Not to say it's not still great (I haven't eaten there), just recommending due diligence. Some inconclusive back and forth here.

Django is not the same animal it was when it first opened. I would try other byobs mentioned here...or my favorite dive mediterranean place, Dmitri's on 3rd & Catherine. Crazeeboy and sis decided to drive up to Philly to eat at Dmitri's today for dinner, while I am stuck at work. My only consolation, they said they'll bring back left overs. unsure.gif

If you do go, get their baba ganouj and hummus (1/2 and 1/2) fried smelts, greek with greens, any whole grilled fish they have as their specials, scampi, appetizer portion of their fried calamari and grilled lamb and arrive early! Grilled oysters if they have it as a daily special.

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I strongly recommend Dimitri's on 3rd & Catherine. It is my top 5 restaurant. At 6pm, there was a 1 1/2 hour wait!!! You can order EVERYTHING on the menu and still be way under $300. For party of 4, I think our bill was $100 (we eat ALOT). Dinner included: greek with greens, baba & hummus, scampi with garlic, grilled octopus, fried smelt, grilled lamb, grilled whole striped bass, fried calamari, 2 egg custards and 2 greek coffee. I would go even if it was $200/person. It's that good!! BTW, they only take cash...which is not uncommon in Philly.

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