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Black Whiskey, Cocktail Lounge in the old Mar de Plata Space on 14th and P Street in 14 UP

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Checked out Black Whiskey last night and it's well worth a visit. Jack and Saeed behind the bar (think Bar Pilar, St Ex, Marvin, 18th St etc etc) serving up their usual levels of hospitality.

Simple menu of carvery plates, choose a meat and then accompanying sides - simple but well executed and reasonably priced.

Pool table at the end, which will inevitably be overused in the short term and a welcome diversion once the "cool" period finishes in a few months.

The upstairs opens fully tonight and is worth a pop in, the downstairs looks a couple of months behind but has a good team to launch it and I have no doubt will be yet another popular spot on 14th.

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Welcome David (I think?). I'm very anxious to try this place, I'll make an effort to do so soon.

You think thoughtfully. :)

David will we be seeing a second post? (Welcome to the community, btw - please don't be shy, and if you're affiliated with Black Whiskey, just let us know and *do* feel free to post on this thread, up to a couple times a month - we'd love to hear updates, as industry insiders are embraced here.)



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Does anyone know what the deal is with their website?

Better yet, does anyone know if it's open? FB notes that they're closed until Sunday and the phone number is disconnected. :unsure:

A website that shall remain linkless (rhymes with 'welp') lists their hours as:

Mon-Thu, Sun 5 pm - 1:30 am

Fri-Sat 5 pm - 2:30 am

They've been open since May 4th.

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Sorry, slow on response. Only been back once since my first post, and was equally pleased as first time - although as per prediction it was was getting a bit crowded and as usual I shall probably "cherish" it more once it settles down again. Only had cocktails on second trip so can;t comment on the food, but still looked good and really like the mix and match formula.

Unsure when the expansion on the ground floor is due to open, but will keep an eye on it.

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