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Monk's Cafe, Belgian Gastropub on S. 16th and Spruce Street in Rittenhouse Square -

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I enjoyed a Sunday lunch Monk's Cafe this weekend. Charming little Belgian-ish bar with a gorgeous monster list of bottled beers and a few fine draught Belgians. Looks to be a regular pub, but the menu offers much more--mussels in a variety of broths, crepes, sandwiches (including boudin blanc and pulled pork), salads, and appetizers (including pate and rabbit terrine). My tuna steak sandwich was served on a very good roll, though it was alone on the plate except for a queer garnish of about four dressed field greens. Four. Imperfect service is made up for by genuine friendliness. Recommend the room in the way back.

I'd be a regular if this joint were in my neighborhood.

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On 6/9/2008 at 1:44 AM, ferment everything said:


Monk's - Cantillon Oude Geuze (!) (barrels selected by Monk's), Port Hop 15 (!!$9 for a 22oz!!), Ghent mussels, braised veal cheeks (!)

It was like a highlight reel of consumption. Hoppy beers, sour beers, good pils, pork, veal, mussels. I love Philly.

On 5/17/2007 at 11:25 AM, ferment everything said:

Monk's has a few veggie options, and great (mostly) belgian beer.

And the carnivore(s) will be really happy at any of the above, especially at Monk's.

On 3/9/2007 at 8:33 PM, Sportsgirl said:

We spent last weekend in Philly, and had meals at Sabrina's, Monk's, and Morimotos.

Monk's was fantastic -- crappy (though friendly) service, great sandwiches (accompanied by...2 pieces of lettuce as a "side"), and a varied beer list. The highlights were the mussels (the Thai ones, flavored in curry and coconut milk, were particularly outstanding) and the fries.

On 8/17/2006 at 1:48 PM, Seanchai said:

Off a trip this past June, I can recommend the following low to midddle brow places:

Eulogy tavern and Monk's - Two great Belgian taverns with many variations of steamed mussels with frites

On 8/4/2006 at 3:11 PM, ferment everything said:

mussels and frites at Monk's, with their flanders red to drink...mmmm....how much is the chinatown bus to philly again?

On 5/6/2005 at 10:35 AM, Tweaked said:

Funny I just got back from Philly for the Dali show Monday...

Perhaps the best known outside the City of Brotherly Love is Monk's Cafe. Written up by numerous travel, food, and beer magazines, Monk's offers an impressive selection of Belgium beers on tap and an extended bottled beer list. The Boudin Blanc Sausage went very nicely with the Delirium Tremons. Unfortunately the award winning pomme frites were no better than limp shoe string french fries, nothing pommey nor fritey about them!

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We spent last weekend in Philadelphia to watch the USMNT play Paraguay in the Copa America. After our roast pork sandwiches from DiNic's for lunch, we weren't really hungry before the match, and decided to wait until after before grabbing dinner. Monk's Cafe, fortunately, serves their whole menu until 1 am, which allowed us to metro back to our hotel, take quick showers to wash off the beer (throwing beer is perhaps my least favorite soccer tradition), and sit down for dinner around 11 pm. 

We really enjoyed it. It's quite similar to Granville Moore's in a lot of ways. Fantastic beer list (I had both a Pliny the Elder and a Cascade Apricot), and great mussels. Fries could be a little bit better. I'm going to be spending time in Philly next month for the Convention, and I'm looking forward to posting up here a few times in the evenings. 

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