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White Dog Cafe, University City and Wayne - Marty Grims Continues Judy Wicks' Focus on Sustainability

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If your from Philadelphia, or just know it well, you've probably heard of the White Dog Cafe in University city. A lovely and large townhome (200 seats), it is made intimate by it's many nooks and crannies and worn yet warm wooden floors. It's founder, owner and resident, Judy Wicks, has announced she is moving on and will turn the restaurant over. I'm posting this because even if you've never been there, you may be interested to learn about Ms. Wicks and her uncomprimising means of bringing food to your plate in the most ethical and earth- conscious ways possible. She has been a beacon for food sustainability, fair trade, eco-friendly practices and social responsibility for 24 years.

The restaurant's mission has always been the aformentioned goals of Ms. Wicks, first and foremost. The food is second, but always solid. It's a wonderful overall experience though, and should be on travel agendas should you find yourself in the City of Brotherly Love.

I'm looking forward to reaquainting myself (window table in the piano room)with the WDC when the new and hopefully more food driven leadership is in place. Meanwhile, I'll comfort myself with the cooking.

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Had a lovely brunch at the White Dog Cafe (on Sansom between 34th and 36th sts.) with my mom today. We both chose the Eggs St. Bernard, two eggs poached on english muffin with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce (there is something really special about this sauce cuz it was better than average) and green beans. This dish was absolutely amazing. I was concerned the salt content would have been too much, but my first bite alleviated these fears. Mom and I were delighted. The White Dog serves fresh squeezed OJ, and the coffee was freshly brewed and just what we needed.

Brunch at White Dog was excellent, especially the pumpkin cream cheese pancakes with almond and walnut syrup.

I second the recommendation for the White Dog Cafe in the University area.

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