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Bob and Barbara's Lounge, South Philly - Serving Cold Beer and Live Music since 1969

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Any recommendations for a casual restaurant for a solo diner near Methodist Hospital? It's on South Broad Street in South Philly. Recommendations for a solo diner (e.g., eating at the bar) a plus.

Bob and Barbara's Lounge.

This place is for real -- even if last time I was there, an immaculately dressed family of French tourists came in, guidebook in hand, for the jazz.

OK, maybe not for dinner. But for after.

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I also found my way to L'Angolo so I suggested that, warning about the lack of martinis.

Waitman, your mother must be very unlike mine! While I'd probably have fun at Bob & Barbara's (particularly at tonight's drag show), there is just no way my mother would.

Wait -- you never mentioned mom. But who doesn't love jazz classics played by a house band that's been in the house formaybe 20 years, cheap Blue Ribbons? I'm sure they wouldn't actually force her to smoke, just to fit in.

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Bob and Barbara's....their Jack and PBR specials are deadly. One of the worst hangovers I've ever had. I prefer going on the nights when then have the jazz trio playing. SMOKIN'!!!!

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