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L'Angolo, South Philly - Davide and Kathryn Faenza's BYOB Italian on S. Broad and W. Porter Street, One Block from Methodist Hospital

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JLK said:

Any recommendations for a casual restaurant for a solo diner near Methodist Hospital? It's on South Broad Street in South Philly. Recommendations for a solo diner (e.g., eating at the bar) a plus. Oh, and it's for my martini-loving mother so BYOBs are NOT a plus.

I've heard good things about L'Angolo, which is only a block away. It is a BYOB, though.

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I also found my way to L'Angolo so I suggested that, warning about the lack of martinis.

On 12/28/2006 at 0:24 PM, Waitman said:

Bob and Barbara's Lounge.

This place is for real -- even if last time I was there, an immaculately dressed family of French tourists came in, guidebook in hand, for the jazz.

OK, maybe not for dinner. But for after.

Waitman, your mother must be very unlike mine! While I'd probably have fun at Bob & Barbara's (particularly at tonight's drag show), there is just no way my mother would.


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Jan 3, 2014 - "Arrivederci, Gnocchi and Salento" by Michael Klein on philly.com

From the article (bold text my own):


"You'd think that with all these new restaurants opening in Philly, something has to give.

You think correctly.

Gone recently are two Italian BYOBs:

[Gnocchi is one of them.]

Salento, which Davide and Kathryn Faenza opened in 2007 at 2216 Walnut St., closed after New Year's Eve. Kathryn Faenza says their original BYOB - L'Angolo - is still going strong in South Philly at 1415 Porter St."

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