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Criniti, Old School, Downscale Italian on S. Broad and W. Moyamensing Street in South Philly

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We'll be in Philly over the weekend and are looking for great food experiences but not formal meals. Got a reservation for Amada on Sunday night but that will probably be our only big-R Restaurant visit. Looks like I need to hit Capogiro (with pleasure!) and Reading Terminal Market (ditto). We have already been directed to a specific cheesesteak spot, no flexibility there.

Other suggestions? Cheese shops? Bakeries? I read some great things on eGullet about the tacos al pastor at Taqueria de la Puebla on Ninth, anybody been?

No car, so places we can get to by public transportation are preferred. University-area recs would also be great.

I haven't been in years, but there is a small Italian in South Philly which I have loved every time I have been (3) called Criniti's. The first time I went the owner had only been living here from Sicily about 5 years. It is (was) true Southern Italian Nana cooking. Apparently they have moved into an old church since I last went but here is one link. Thay have received some pretty awesome reviews on the net so do a search also.

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The stadium area is pretty isolated, so you'll need wheels to get anywhere. That said, I'll throw this out there because it might interest you, being in South Philly an all, hon :D

Criniti's is a little over a mile away on Broad St. and is a Philly institution. It's old school Italian American and that right there is its sweet spot; homemade pastas, lots of Parm this and Parm that ;) I love to visit these type of places when I go back.

The prices are low and I think it's byob, but confirm yourself to be sure.

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