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Petworth Community Market on 9th between Georgia & Upshur

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The Petworth Community Market is open for the season. Their Facebook page has more up to date information.

As far as I know this is the only Friday afternoon market in the city.

It is a small, community created market with a dozen or so stands. There are four or five fruit and veggie stands, a bakery, meat and egg stands and four or five stands selling different pre-made goods including a line of collard green sauces (chutney, pesto, pico de gallo), homemade salsa, mole and aqua fresca, and Qualia coffee. The veggie and bread stands tend to stay the same but there is usually something new and different each week.

For me, this is what farmer's markets are about. The community decided they wanted a market and created one on their own. It is not fancy, there are not dozens of vendors, but it provides the community a place to gather and quality produce that isn't easily found in the neighborhood.

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