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Gaetano's, Clifton Heights and Springfield - Tomato Pies, Pizzas, and Hoagies

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I just finished a couple of slices of mushroom and pepperoni pizza I brought back from Pennsylvania.

I forgot how much good pizza is to be had in the area in and around Philadelphia. Not the very best pizza you could ever eat--and not artisan gourmet pizza--but walking into a pizza shop off the street and walking out with a tasty pie kind of pizza. Capitol Hill just does not have that. When I first got the pizza yesterday afternoon, it was a little too soggy but quite satisfying. After a night in the fridge, it made perfect cold pizza for breakfast, lunch, and now dinner. One pie: $15 and change=4 meals. Not a bad deal. I have to say, I think I actually prefer leftover cold pizza to pizza to steaming hot.

I just walked into this place [Gaetano's, 210 S. Springfield Rd., Clifton Heights] because I was nearby and hungry, but it turns out it gets some pretty rave reviews, at least here and here and on Chowhound.

From my research, I learned that I should ask for my pizza a little well done (that probably would have helped with the slight sogginess) and that having the cheese under the sauce (where I was at first having trouble determining if there was cheese on it) is their trademark. A nice touch when I picked up the pie was that the woman behind the counter lifted the lid on the box so I could see that it was what I had ordered.

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I posted about this in the What Are You Eating Right Now thread, but I might as well crosspost it here. I recently stumbled upon an excellent pizza place called Gaetano's on the edge of the city (Delaware County, Clifton Heights). When I wrote the original post, I had just finished off the last of the pizza, which I hauled all the way back to DC, since I hadn't eaten the whole pizza and didn't want to throw any out.

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