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Distrito - Mexican Small Plates at S. 40th and Chestnut Street, University City

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have been to Distrito (the newest Jose Garces joint) a couple of times now...it's kind of like a hot pink oyamel (literally). politburo and i happened to be there a few nights after Garces beat the blue-corn-and-mango-chutney king on iron chef, and he was serving a tuna toro ceviche that we were told he made on IC. meh - the toro wasn't nearly as luxurious as i was expecting.

the most outstanding things we tried on the menu have been filete de atun tacos (tuna, papaya, carrot, chayote, wasabi aoli, peanut) which come in a pair, and the esquites (sweet corn, queso fresco, chipotle, lime).

i'd skip the bone marrow, which was a complete waste of $7 (had to pick out the bone marrow with a fork, which was an awful utensil to serve it with, and hardly any marrow inside the bone), especially after just being at Ansill and totally loving the bone marrow dish there (already out of the bone, it was fried and the you spread it like butter over toasted bread biggrin.gif )...

service was probably the worst part of our visits there. servers were always bringing out dishes that weren't ours, and when i asked multiple times about dishes that we were supposed to get, our server told us not to worry and that they would be coming out very soon. we never got the dishes, yet they were on our bill at the end of the night. though, i do have to mention that we were given free churros at the end of the night because of the service mishaps.

i still think i'd prefer to go to tinto...

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Distrito- This place was so much fun. I want to go back and eat in the bug. I loved the eccentric decorating. The drinks were good, I was impressed with the Tequila selection. We ordered way too much food, they say to order 3-4 dishes per person, but at 2-3 each we were stuffed. I had the short rib flatbread which was very good, the meat was tender and savory and melded well with the BBQ sauce, the carnitas tacos were one of the best dishes of the evening, the pork was so tender and flavorful, they had bits that were a little bit more well done mixed in for a great ratio of pork texture. The Amarillo (rabbit mole) was excellent, as well, the rabbit was tender and very flavorful it wasn't overwhelmed by the sauce and was served on rice in a small hot pot. The whole dish came together really well. The duck fundido was another big hit, spicy and cheesy with tender as can be duck it would be the perfect after bar food, as well. The guacamole was also good, the salsa was decent- very fresh red tomatoes just rather normal. I also had a bit of the tres leches cake which was quite good, much like a very small smith island cake. This was one of my favorite meals. I also had some of the salads which were a big portion, but a tad bit bitter (which may have been the cilantro which I don't really care for)

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